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   Foytina offers a big range of services in the Real Estate field. Those are available either separately or in combination so as to suit precisely our clients' particular needs. Our main services fall into the areas of the categories as below analysed. For any extra information, please contact us.


Property Marketing

   We deal extensively in the Market of Property sales and long term rentals all over Cyprus. Through our offices and experienced personel, we value, list, promote and deal any type of real property for sale or renting purposes.  If you are a property seeker or a property owners, we can definitely help. 

   foytina_property_marketingWith on-hands daily activities on the real estte industry of Cyprus, we cover all the spectrum of the property market, related to residential, commercial, touristic, industrial or other property projects.  In this context, our clients' portfolio includes people from various financial and social backgrounds, both individuals or institutions. We handle a database of few thousands of qualified potential clients (buyer, tenants, investors etc) which gets updated and grows on a daily basis, hence maximizing the potential of concluding a deal over a property.

   Beyond single dwellings, our experience in large-scale special projects qualify us to advice clients on marketing campaigns.  Due to the fact that advertising agencies in Cyprus are extremely costly for individuals and low budget sellers, the lack of data ending to Property Owners are limited.  Our company can use all statistical information gathered through our activities and experience for guiding you step by step to achieve any goal set for your property.

   In this context our property agency develops and retains some form of analysis of sales patterns based mainly on our experience and our computerized systems; however, as the local market is so imperfect, it requires extensive and long-time records to be combined by theoretical models and analysis which can only be provided directly by our staff.

   In the same manner, we also undertake to promote our clients' real properties through various means. Those might include notice boards, displays, labels and banners, publications, flyers, brochures, newspapers and magazines ads etc. Of course, the power of internet is the most known way nowadays which we are heavily facilitating because we have the knowledge! websites, portals, email and SMS campaigns, posting and sharing in digital social networks, remarketing etc. As the channels of marketing are getting maximised and sophisticated, we always revise and consider all the available and efficient means for delivering to our clients the optimum results. 


Property Search & Deal

foytina_property_search_and_find_and_deal   Foytina Real Estate Agency can search, find and deal on behalf of you, any property you might be interested in whatever the purposes is. Foytina will act as a Property Hunter in order to find out the location, the size, prices and of course any other features of a property in order to match the search criteria and budget that will be defined by you.

Having discussed firstly and analysed the demands of our buyer client so as to get to know and understand exactly what sort of development or investment he wishes to put his money on, we then act in order to find the matching property.  Such requests can take up to few weeks until the matching required property is found. We thereafter present them to our buyers for further decisions. 

  The other way this can work, is when the interested party (buyer,tenants,investor) points out a specific property to us or a particular area which he would like to buy and we take it from there ! Having known most of the Property owners around, we are definitely in position to approach them and offer them to have their property sold. Rely on Foytina, we know how to get things moved to the right direction.

   Of course, whatever the case is, Foytina can (if wished so) deal the property on behalf of the buyer even in his physical absence! We can take over all the conveyance procedure until the property gets registered on the beneficiary's name, because we know how to do it! It's a 'hands-off' procedure for our buyers!

   Since our business establishement, we have been searching, finding and dealing on behalf of our clients varies property types such as single plots to build a house, apartments and houses, seaside pieces of land for hotel developments, huge pieces of land for golf course development or power generation projects etc. We are ready to get things working right just for you, our client!


Property Appraisal


   The appraisal of immovable property is another service Foytina can offer you. We can undertake to appraise the monetary value of all kinds of immovable property and the interests therein for various purposes such as:

  • -  Informative Purposes
  • -  Mortgaging Purposes
  • -  Acquisition/Disposal Purposes
  • -  Taxation Purposes
  • -  Disputes, Conflicts & Differences Resolving Purposes
  • -  Any other Purposes stand necessary 


   The reports are developed and delivered in hard copy addressed to the Principal and include description of the property, features of the property, sizes, details about the planning regime, the ownership status, and many other details in regards to the parameters affecting the open market value of the property. 


Consulting on Real Estate Investments

   Property investment in Cyprus has always been the largest single form of investment. Traditionally, the Cypriots tends to invest in property but the recent downtrend of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (C.S.E.) have directed even more the attention of the investors towards property investment and development.  Nowadays, investors from all-over the globe prefer Cyprus as their business nest mainly for tax and weather reasons which means that demand on houses, offices and commercial shops will continue to grow. This is enhanced with the current low savings interest banks are paying.  


   The relatively 'free-for-all' state of the property market is becoming more and more complicated with the introduction of limitations on building, changes of town planning/development zones, development of legislation seeking to control rents and protect and regulate tenure, introductions of various Governmental development schemes, amendments on taxation (capital gains, immovable property etc), involvement of environmental issues etc. The investment in the property market has thus become a complicated affair requiring careful planning and preparation, if returns are to be secured !

   At the same time, the increases in land value and construction costs, have made property deals a high cost venture on most occasions, making expert advice in this investment field increasingly necessary.

   By being in the industry for many years, we have 'traced' and 'marked' the pros and cons of various projects and house designs. In combination with the feedback and preferences of our clients, we are in position to consult and advice you on what parameters should be considered so as to deliver a more successful project which can be easily sold out in the particular's location Market.  We will work together through the feasibility study of your planned investments so as to safeguard your investment whilst we can also consult you on what property you should seek in order to go for a 'seed investment'.

Having said and analysed the above, we shall be in position together with you to develop the rationale which will guide you and your professional partners to take you through the planning, designing, construction and implementation of a successful project/investment.


Property Management & Maintenance



   In our constant efforts to provide our customers with a full and complete service with the task of completing your dream home in the sun, we are able to offer a full property management service.

   From letting the property in your absence to general maintenance and right through to welcome packs and cleaning for 'holiday makers', the services can include cleaning, garden and swimming pool maintenance, key-holding, welcome packages, finding the right tenant for your property, administration and accounts, repairs of breaks, installations or extensions of property parts, rent collection, insurance, regular progress reports and anything else you may need taking care of. Each one of the above is essential in increasing the value of your property, as well freeing you from the time consuming administration that comes with being a landlord particularly if you are not staying locally.

   Even if you are buying a house for your own use, you should consider letting it out during the time you are not staying in Cyprus. Letting your property could generate a substantial rental income to either cover your mortgage payments in total or partly whilst at the same time the property is under continuous surveillance and of course can be used by you and your family for holiday purposes.


 Property Survey, Delimitation and Subdivision

foytina_property _Survey_Delimitation_and_Subdivision

   Are you planning to buy a piece of land and you don't actually know where the boundaries of it are? Or possibly you have inheritated a property through your grate-grandparents will and you don't know where it is located? No problem at all! Foytina Real Estate Agency can help you to get things cleared !  Once we get appointed to do this, we can delimitate your piece of land and mark the boundaries on the ground. In this way, both you and the future owners of that property will have no difficulties in finding either the property or its real boundaries. In the same manner, we can help you with surveying your land and confirming its size, getting its' dimensions and perimeter. Furthermore, we can help you in subdividing your piece of land from being a parcel to a group of building plots following the requirements of the planning and property law. In the same way, we can procede on behalf of you your final horizontal subdivision of your apartments block so as to receive your final approval and title deeds for each unit.


Property Imprinting


   Foytina can also help you conduct an imprint of your property for whatever the reason is!  If you have lost your property's architectural drawings or you need to update them because the current layout does not match with the one originally designed or if you are planning to change the land use of a property (eg: from a shop to a tavern etc), then you will definitely need to go through this process.

   The main result of your property having imprinted is the production of your property's floors plans.  Having developed those, you can then use them accordingly for the purpose you want them for.




Property Survey


   Foytina Real Estate Agency can help you conduct this very important survey especially for people that intend to buy second hand property. This service is also important to property owners who have problems with their property such as wall cracks, roof problems, retaining walls, strength of columns due to age, subsidence, etc.

  In recent years this service has increased due to people’s awareness of the importance of this type of survey.  The survey will report the quality of the material the building was built with and reveal if any measures will have to be taken and within what time frame. Geological survey can also be conducted for similar reasons if visual inspections indicate so. 

  Foytina has access to such information which can help current owners, future owners or engineers to take preventing measures or such measures to protect, enhance and effectively secure their property and their life! 


Property Short Term Rent (Holiday Rentals)


   If you are not interested in using Foytina Real Estate Agency for buying or renting on a long term basis a property, then you can alternatively contact us for our Short Term Rentals Services.  The short term rental solution might be just exactly what you are looking for!  


   In many cases, it is much cheaper and affordable to go for an individual self-catering dwelling than paying a hotel!  Having the chance to also choose a property according to your personal touch, a short term rent can also be a chance for you and your family members to understand your preferences for future settlement on the island; this would help you much to decide whether to buy, where to buy and how much it worth to pay for it!

  We, at Foytina Real Estate Agency, provide you with a variety of choices for holiday rentals starting from studio to luxury villas of 5 bedrooms either with private swimming pool or communal. the period of accommodation can be decided by you.     Our affiliated firm PissouriVacations.Com would be glad to help you with this issue. Check their website on or email them directly on for a swifter correspondence.


Property Garden Landscaping

foytina_property_garden_and_landscaping   Foytina understands that a property is not only comprised of a building! Thus Foytina cannot stop serving its' clients on this point! Foytina has created special links with Cyprus biggest garden, landscaping and pool maintenance centers so as to be ready to introduce to any client the said services when it stands necessary.

   Our partners' firms are well established in Cyprus and are managed by highly trained professionals committed to horticulture and quality landscaping whereas at the same time they can provide everything you need for your garden: Design and construction, plant selection, watering systems, maintenance and much more.


Property Insurance  

foytina_property_insurance   Property insurance provides protection against most risks to property, such as fire, theft and some weather damage. This includes specialized forms of insurance such as fire insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, home insurance, or boiler insurance. Property is insured in two main ways — open perils and named perils. Open perils cover all the causes of loss not specifically excluded in the policy. Common exclusions on open peril policies include damage resulting from earthquakes, floods, nuclear incidents, acts of terrorism, and war.

   Named perils require the actual cause of loss to be listed in the policy for insurance to be provided. The more common named perils include such damage-causing events as fire, lightning, explosion, and theft. Whatever your preferences are or special demands, Foytina can help you through the insurance agents co-operating to develop the right contract for your property no matter the size or value of it.


Property Key-holding


   Foytina Real Estate Agency can undertake to hold the keys and security codes of your property whilst you are away or as a copy of the one you are using.  Keys are kept in a safe locker accessible only by us whilst the move of them is monitored for avoiding problems.





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