Preparing Your Property

Preparing Your Property For Cyprus Market


   In real estate industry, there is always an idea that the property market is continuously booming.  In reality, many properties stay on the market for long time before they are sold or rented out!  In order to ensure that your property will ‘fly-off’ sooner than expected, you will have to get things as right as possible.  The beneath principles are the basics ones to consider:

   Schedule correctly!  Scheduling is about organising, planning and doing things so as to showcase your property in the best manner and involves from simply sprucing things up to renovating part of the property. The timeframe within you wish to have your property sold/rented does matter!    

   Depersonalise your property! Another thing to do when getting your property ready for sale or rent is to put aside things that bring memories to you and the people interested in.  It is easier said that done but you should not evoke feelings of ‘it’s mine’ to potential buyers and tenants as they will not hold any meaning for them.  Try not to have an abundance of family photos displayed around the property, nor trophies or collectible items and souvenirs.  

   Tide up the property! The next step is to make sure the property is free from clutter.  This is often the hardest part for most people since some effort, time and money are needed.  Buyers and tenants may view the clutter as reflective of a not properly maintained property or worse.  The best way to begin is to seek the advice of a trusted friend or family member by asking them for their opinions on what would detract from the house if they were to buy or rent your property.


The following are some of the things you should arrange firstly:

The Interior of the Property


  • Kitchen Clutter: The kitchen is the starting place to start removing clutter since it is one of the first rooms buyers/tenants will see.  As the kitchen serves as the most important room of a property for most people, make sure to clear the counter tops and empty out overstuffed drawers.  The idea is to create open space to foster the feeling that there is plenty of room.  Do not forget the appliances and in particular the refrigerator.
  • Closet Clutter:  No matter how large the closet is, again the idea is to make it look spacious.  If it appears packed full, a buyer/tenant may get the perception that there is no adequate space.  On the contrary, the buyer/tenant will be impressed if the arrangement is correct!
  • Storage Clutter:  Storage room is said to be the major perpetrator, when it comes to clutter and decision making.  Actually this is what they are meant to be, but when selling/renting a property, it is essential to leave these areas as empty as possible so the buyers/tenants can envision what they would do with the space.  
  • Furniture Clutter:  When you fit several pieces of furniture in one room, it tends to reduce the size of the room as visually looks smaller and cramped.  The less furniture you keep, the more appealing the room will look. This is the time to throw out old pieces of furniture that you don’t intend on taking with you when you move out.  However, don’t ever leave a room empty.  People need to be able to visualize the space as usable
  • Plumbing and Fixtures:  Look in detail all sink fixtures throughout the house. They should all look shiny and new.  There should not be any signs of mould. A good silver polish would make the difference.  If this is not enough, then you should better spend some money and replace the worn ones.  Do treat the leaky faucets and replace the tap washers.  Water pressure is something most pay attention on.  Buyers and tenants tend to have the water running from the kitchen’s tap or the bathroom’s shower to check water pressure.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom:  Always have all of the surfaces tiled up sparkle.  In the bathroom, use clean and colourful towels.  Replace the shower’s curtain or the glazed sliding door if it looks old.  Keep toothpastes, toothbrushes, hairpins etc hidden.  In the kitchen clean any surface that looks oily starting from the oven, the cooking hobs, the extractor and the surrounding walls.  Clean out all the appliances both inside and outside and try to keep them shiny clean.  Always keep cupboard doors closed.
  • Carpet and Flooring:  A deep carpet cleaning should be all you need unless it is torn or full of stains.  Choose something inexpensive, trendy and in line with the interior of the property.  Light colours are preferable as tend to enlarge spaces visually.  If you have hardwood or parquet floors, think about refreshing them.  A visit to the local DIY shop would be more than useful in how to do so.
  • Ceilings, Walls and Paint:  Check all over the property’s ceilings and walls for water stains, cracks and leaks.  If you have any, be sure to repair them and then paint them over.  Actually, a fresh paint all over the property would be the best investment to give a brand-new look and maximise the attractiveness of the property.  This is a really inexpensive way to enhance the appearance of your property.  Light colours maximise the space and light available inside the property.
  • Openings:  Ensure that all windows and doors open and close easily.  If there are any squeaks in the hinges, then spay some lubricant.  All door locks should have their key inserted in the keyhole and work perfectly.  Avoid showing your property before replacing any cracked, broken or mat windowpanes or wooden moth-eaten doors.  If you have fly-screens installed, a deep clean with pressurised air would take off any insects and dust.
  • Odours:  An odour would be the ’decision maker’ for the buyer/tenant.  If you are a smoker or a pet owner or cook spicy foods and a heavy smell lingers inside the property, then special care to eliminate it should be conducted.  Avoid smoking inside the house and use air-freshening sprays with timers and aromatic candles.  A last minute light spray throughout the property before the interested people arrive would be a good move.  Pet owners can do the same.  In addition, try not to have your cat or dogs wander around upon having the buyers/tenants viewing the property. 


General:  Use whatever you believe it would maximise the attractiveness of the property without overfilling the place. Tiny furniture and functional equipment like stands and stools are a preferable alternative to some expensive and massive sofas.


The Exterior of the Property


   Always remember that the exterior of your property is the first thing potential buyers and tenants will come across when visiting the property.  Saying so, it is made clear that the exterior is a ‘decision-factor’ as to whether it worth seeing more.  As such, it is critical to ensure that the exterior of your property is well kept.

   In order to get the best out of your property and assess whether the beauty and elegance of it is reflected indeed, you should stand across the road and consider the beneath:

  • Garden: If your garden is not landscaped, then ‘break in’ the first nursery you will come across and get some greenery and gravel.  Get some advice from the gardeners in how to spread the gravel and plant the bulbs, water the lawn and trim the bushes.  Avoid planting very mature or big trees exactly in front of the building as they can be a big headache in the future.  Try to keep the yard as neutral as possible and sweep away the brown leaves and grass cutting.  Adding a couple of potteries would flavour the yard.
  • Openings, Flyscreens and Shades:  Keeping the property’s openings, flyscreens and shades in a clean condition is a paramount trick.  Do not hesitate to wash them and spray some lubricant.  If that’s not enough, then rub them off and repaint them.  You would certainly notice the difference yourself.  Use pressurised air or water to make a deep clean of the flyscreens.  At the end, pull back the curtains and open the windows leaving the sun shine in!
  • Main Entrance:  The main entrance of the property must always be attractive!  It is the first part that potential buyers or tenants will walk through.  Spend some time and rub off and repaint or at least polish the entrance’s fixtures.  Once more, avoid using furniture or signs that personalize the property.  Ensure that the lock and key work smoothly and easily.  Use a weed-killer to get rid of any undesirable weeds and don’t place any jumble in the walkway.
  • Paint and Insulation:  Keep the look of the property as bright and fresh as possible!  Even a wash-clean with a power washer would make it glitter!  Paint which peels or wood which chips away should be recovered. Use materials that are durable and well tested in the market.  Do not hesitate to spend some extra money for buying such materials as they are cost-effective. Buyers always seek to acquire quality with less money!
  • Backyard:  Being the outside part of the property with the most privacy needed, the backyard should be always kept tidy and neat.  If a swimming pool, barbeque, shower or even a Jacuzzi is installed, the necessity of having it orderly arranged is maximised.  Always keep the dog’s kennel in a safety distance. If its paved up, keep it always clear from children’s toys and any housing equipment.  If you have flower beds and pots, regularly treat them so they don’t appear overgrown and abandoned.  Keep trimming the hedge so as give the visual feeling of more space and do not overgrow it in height as it might be considered stifling from buyers or tenants.  




   The power is yours!  Prospective investors are always around looking for properties to buy or rent.  Do not underestimate your capabilities but also do not underestimate the first impression’s power.

   Once you decide to sell or rent and start getting people coming and viewing your property, you will have to put your best foot forward for making your property long lasting and hard to be erased in people minds.  It is in human nature to make snap judgements and notice the minor repairs needed rather than the beautiful and well maintained floors and openings.  Thus, begin with developing your ‘imperfections checklist’ and schedule out how to correct them.

   In addition, any Warranties covering your property’s essential systems and appliances should be mentioned.  It really protects the seller, tenant and buyer from costly unanticipated repairs upon having any breakdowns.

   On the other extreme, some owners fall in the mistake of investing lots of money into their property prior to selling or renting in the hope of substantially increasing their property’s market value.  Actually, installing a new 3.000 EUROS kitchen does not translate to a 3.000 EUROS increase in your property’s price.  

   Do not forget that the purpose is to maximize the attractiveness of your property, not completely renovate it.  A thorough cosmetic overhaul is usually all that’s necessary to make your home more desirable.


The 'Foytina.Com' Team