Other Services

Other Services

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   Foytina can also offer a big range of other services related indirectly to the Real Estate field. Those are available either separately or in combination so as to suit precisely our clients' particular needs. Those services fall into the areas of the categories as below explained:


Moving & Relocating Services 

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   Foytina Real Estate Agency can help you to relocate your household equipment and furniture from one property to the other within Cyprus or from country to country.

   No matter how big your cargo and packages are, Foytina shall introduce you to the right people and professionals to fulfill your requests precisely, affordable and securely.




Car Rentals & Car Purchases

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   Foytina Real Estate Agency is well linked with several Car Trading and Car Rentals firms in Cyprus who offer competitive rates and a range of brand new or used vehicles.  For Car Rentals, it can be arranged the car to be picked by you from the airport and park it there again on your 'way back' to your country.

   There will not be any effort made by you as Foytina's colleagues staff will arrange the rest for you. Need to buy or rent, Foytina shall introduce you to the right person depending on your criteria set and personal preferences.


Taxi / Transport & Touring Services

Image result for cyprus mini bus services   If you are visiting Cyprus for an short period and you do not wish to hire or buy your own car, Foytina Real Estate Agency can still arrange an exclusive taxi to pick you or deliver you from the airport.  Alternative relative services to this, Foytina can arrange you special car excursions and tours  all over Cyprus. 

If you are a group of people, mini-buses and buses are available to serve your needs. If your needs come to the level of limousine, there is still absolutely no problem! We can help you with all of these! Foytina always has the right professional for every demand and budget; just feel free to ask us whatever you need and leave the rest to us!


The 'Foytina.Com' Team