Offer To Buy A Property

Offer To Buy A Property in Cyprus By Foytina 


   Property purchase in Cyprus works pretty much similar to the rest of the world when it comes to placing an offer. Its' all about offer and counteroffer; however, the strongest the Market gets, the less negotiable the seller is! This is not to say that if the Market undergoes a recession that the seller will gift the property out, but either way, a Buyer must always be reasonable! Always bear in mind that a seller might get offended from an unreasonable offer and never sells it to you even if you pay him the full asking price! Further to this, the Seller has already factored in the features of his property and any properties being of comparison to his/her, hence the asking price reflects the reality as much as possible. 

   As mentioned in the previous session, properties which you reject for some reason, should be immediately taken off your shortlist; properties which highly touch your interest must be highlighted and a second viewing must be arranged before Foytina's agent returns you back to your hotel; if you however feel ready enough, you must place your -reasonable- offer to deal the property and instruct your Foytina agent to get you an answer within 24 hours!!!   

   Bear in mind that any offer can be conditional or unconditional depending on your circumstances and of course those of the property. Once the seller gets you an answer back through Foytina's agents, you must be ready to act accordingly and indeed most of the times counteroffers from the sellers are the next step.  Again, Buyer must be ready to raise his initial offer by lots if he wishes to buy the property. The more it takes to place a counteroffer, the worst it is. 

   In the event that the seller gets your offer accepted, it is highly adviced that you  immediately pay the reservation fee or enter a Sale Agreement by paying the required Deposit amount for buying the said property.  Payment shall be made to your Foytina agent who at this particular moment acts neutrally.  Terms and conditions of the said payment shall be brought to your attention by the agent of Foytina.


The Foytina.Com Team