Become an Assistant Real Estate Agent in Cyprus !


With Receivables Up To 80% (!!!) Of the Commission Gained, Nobody Pays More than Foytina !


If you can answer 'Yes' to any of the following questions, then you definitely need to know more about becoming an assistant Real Estate Agent in Cyprus with Foytina Real Estate Agency!

- Are you Caring? Decisive? Ethical? Consistent? Trustworthy?

- Are you interested in earning more money?

- Do you have family, social and professional networks?

- Do you wish to work at your own time schedule?


   Do you want to supplement the income from your regular job ? Do you want to expand the range of services you offer to your existing clients or easyments to your friends and family ? Either way, you should learn more about the benefits of becoming a Foytina Real Estate Agency Assistant Agent.

   As one of the fastest growing real estate agent companies in Cyprus, Foytina is actively looking for like-minded enthusiastic individuals to share in the continuing success and growth of our business.


   Working as an Assistant Agent with Foytina Real Estate Agency has privileged reputation due to the already established good-will and the opportunity of fast and big money generation! Foytina maintains one of the most extensive property portfolios in Cyprus whatever the purpose is.  We observe strict rules of 'due diligence' and deal with property owners all over the island. In addition, we provide independent guidance on the Legal and Financial aspects of the buying process.


   Foytina Real Estate Agency helps people realise their dreams and ambitions of an improved lifestyle for themselves and their families when acquiring a property in the Mediterranean paradise of Cyprus. If you can identify people who would benefit from what we have to offer, then Foytina is your connection to success and extra income !


   Foytina Real Estate Agency is interested in persons that:

1) Have a pleasant personality

2) Have computers knowledge in software use

3) Can easily use gadgets like smartphone, tablet, gps etc

4) Can speak, read and write at least two languages (one of them should be English)

5) Have driving license and can drive in Cyprus easily

6) Have a clear criminal record

7) Have graduated the high school or a similar educational institution accredited by the Cyprus Ministry of Education & Culture

8) Are good with reading legal documents and maps

9) Have basic knolwedge of the planning system of Cyprus and the ownership regulations


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   Persons fulfilling the above criteria can easily get employed by Foytina Real Estate Agency and act as Assistant Agents using Foytina's reputation and infrustructure. Employment contract of one year shall be part of the Employment having the first three months being on a trial period. Social Security contribution and other funds shall be paid according to Cyprus Law whilst the Employee's name shall be duly registered with the competent authorities.


   At Foytina, we choose to work with people who share the philosophy of helping people to achieve goals!  If this describes you, simply drop us an email on with your contact details inquiring about 'Job Career' and we will contact you back to explain how you can become a Foytina Real Estate Agent. Alternatively, you can call us on the information found on our website.

   Please feel free to contact us on  for further details.


The 'Foytina.Com' Team

Foytina is a registered & licensed real estate agency (Reg.No:628 / Lic.No:332/E)