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Foytina's Marketing Means



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   The current means of communications and in particular means that make use of the Internet, are nowadays widely used all over the planet. Foytina Real Estate Agency, grabbing this technological achievement is giving you the chance to promote your real property globally!  Internet is an extremely efficient marketing tool which Foytina exploits to the maximum for our clients' optimum results! At the same time, we keep hard copies and flyers of all properties we are marketing for easier access to people that prefer the 'paper' way.  We do of course continue the most functional and traditional way of communication which is the person to person meetings in our offices network; not to forget to mention the standard telephone communication! 


Global Marketing


undefined   Our website can be described as a centralised comprehensive promoting means which initially enables us to maximise our customers portfolio which underpins our business' activities and secondly help owners to reach closer to the desired result by exposing their property across the globe!


   It is well known that billions of Internet connections exist and even more transactions are accomplished every day, so Foytina cannot afford to be left behind.  The satisfaction of our customers entails that Foytina must engage every advanced means of promotion which are prove to be effective.



Our Means of Promotion


   Our means of promotion do not stop on our website! Below its a short-list of various means we facilitate for exposing your properties to the maximum!

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    -   Main Website: - The most effective means of Foytina for reaching potential purchasers and tenants; being not just a website but a dynamic networked digital platform (SaaS) with various users profiles and integration of high end technology for auto-matching of requests and properties! 
  2. -   Third party websites & exchange of links for higher search engine optimization
  3. -   Digital Directories: Listing of Foytina's profile and contact details in various web directories for easier searching
  4. -   Hard Copy Directories: Listing of Foytina's profile and contact details in various magazines, newspapers, brochures, touristic guides etc
  5. -   Bulk SMS Campaigns: SMSs are sent directly by us to potential purchasers or tenants.
  6. -   Bulk Email Campaigns: Emails are sent directly by us to potential purchasers or tenants.
  7. -   Digital Social Networks: Listing of Foytina's profile, contact details and various announcements when needed at Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest etc
  8. -   Physical Professionals Network: Informing our network of colleagues about our new property listings so they can in their turn advertise them to their own clients' portfolio 
  9. -   Pin-Up Signs: We have and pin up to the frontage of the properties the traditional 'For Sale' or 'For Rent' signs so as to be more attractive to potential investors driving or walking by.
  10. -   Brochures: Distribution of brochures containing mainly Foytina's profile and contact details so as people get to know who we are and what we do.
  11. -   Flyers: Printouts of properties' flyers which are distributed among people or kept into our office so visitors can browse, view and choose the property they like at a glance.
  12. -   Vouchers: Discount Vouchers are given to various associations and organisations mainly to be used for their events' raffle tickets. In this way, Foytina achieves a spread of its' profile.
  13. -   Giveaways: It is Foytina's major aim to spread its' profile via sharing small, handy and useful gifts to people, achieving in this way more reputation.
  14. Offices network: Unlike others, we do retain a proper offices network to serve our business activities; we can personally meet up with any one has an interest over properties at working hours.
  15. -   Office's Display: We retain a pretty big display outside our office at the front part of where we keep a copy of flyers of properties we believe they are value for money so as people walking by, either in day or night time, can consider them.
  16. -   Street Banners: We pretty often reprint banners which we put in strategic locations which get busy with people driving or walking by.
  17. -   Mouth to Mouth: The most traditional and well serving method of spreading the messages around! We simply present ourselves, who we are and what we do and then interested parties just contact us to discuss and benefit from our services.
  18. -   Sponsorships: Foytina could not stand to lag behind, so by understanding it's social role within the main Community its' business activities take place sponsors various events!


Thematic Websites & Portals


   By using a thematic website or portal for promoting your properties, you get targeted visitors and higher potential of effective results;  This is why we invest thousands of Euros on the most reputable property websites and portals globally known which place our website on the first pages of relevant search results.

   For example, if you Google the words: 'Pissouri Properties', you can see that our website pops out on the first global results. Same happens with other combination.  This maximises your chance to sell or rent out your real property and would definitely save you time, money, effort, hassle etc from advertising and listing your property to various other means.


Market Your Cyprus Property With Foytina



   Should you wish to market your Cyprus property with Foytina, then please contact your nearest Foytina office; you can see which one suits you better when checking on the Offices Network, otherwise contact us on our central email address 

We will be more than happy to assist you with all your needs and get your property sold or rented out as soon as possible in the most beneficiary way and in zero time!


 The 'Foytina.Com' Team