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   Interested in taking over on rent a Cyprus property? Whatever the reason is, we can definitely find you the right property to match your criteria, free of hassle and free of charge to you! Yes, absolutely for free! If we dont already have it in our books, we can assure you we can find it! Residential, commercial, industrial properties or even land for special projects! 


Property Criteria & Expectations 

   Upon expressing your interest, you shall be kindly requested to brief us about the Tenants profile, the area of focus, the entry date and duration of accommodation, the monthly budget and of course the basic features of the property you are looking for.  If we can't instantly match your criteria with any property in our books, we shall contact you as soon a matching property becomes available. You are kindly requested to timely keep us informed about any change on your criteria, your budget or your plans.    

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   You will of course receive Foytina's feedback on whether your expectations are in the margin of the Market or not. If your criteria cannot match the Market's availability, you might have to lower your expectations or maximise your budget. Foytina's staff is also in position to guide you through the cost associated with your chosen property so you can budget as accurate as possible. 

   Short term rentals are those with a duration less that thirty (30) consequent days whereas long term rentals are those exceeding that period. Cyprus long term rentals Market normally works on an annual basis, with the given right to prolong for X number of years provided that both parties agree on this. Properties for period of tenure between one (1) to twelve (12) months are also available with however limited property options.  


Viewings & Reservation Fee

   Property viewings are scheduled at times suitable to prospective Tenants being accompanied by Foytina's staff at day time. It is highly reccommended that viewings will take place between 40 to 60 days prior the entry date. Viewings in night time can be aranged but a second viewing is advisable in day time. Tenants get explained for any costs, rights and obligations associated with the property. Questions are always welcoming! 

   If a property matches the prospective tenant's criteria (preferences), a reservation fee must be paid to Foytina so as the property is taken off the Market until a Tenancy Agreement is signed. This should happen in no more than two (2) days following the payment of reservation fee, which usually is twenty percent (20%) of the monthly rental although it might be higher; this amount is refundable in case the deal does not get realised whilst counts towards the deal if deal happens.  


Tenancy Agreement

   Tenancy agreement is formed by a series of clauses integrating standard legal parameters, rights, obligations of the two parties and of course providing for many other cases. It can also incluse any special terms deriving from the negotiations outcome, for which Foytina can definitely help you with. However, the basic clauses of the agreement are analysed below:

   Rent, Deposit & Other Cost

   Quoted prices on Foytina's website usually refer only to monthly rent and rarely include any other associated to the property cost. Rent is payable in advance on an agreed date for one calendar month period. There is always flexibility on this at the time of drafting the tenancy agreement. 

   A security deposit of a minimum of one month's rental is required upon signing the Tenancy Agreement. This deposit will be held by the Landlord and be refunded to the Tenant within thirty (30) days after property vacation provided that all terms of Tenancy Agreement are met.  The deposit is held to cover damages, breakages, and any other liabilities under the terms of your tenancy agreement. Please note that under no circumstances can the deposit be refunded in early termination case or used by the tenant to cover rent.

   Further to the Rent and Deposit, Tenant is also responsible to get all associated bills registered on his name and duly pay for them. This usually includes water, electricity, telecoms, sewage, gaz/diesel, rubbish collection rates, council charges, environmental fee.  Be noted that each provider might require a significant warranty amount prior registering the bill to the Tenant.  All payment are payable by bank standing order to Foytina's or the landlord's bank account. Payment receipts must be kept until tenancy finishes and all financials are offset.  

   Guarantors and/or references of good standing and of diligence will be required to be sourced from tenants' previous landlords or employers. 


Vacating The Property

   Upon having the agreement coming to its end, Tenants must return the property to the Landlord at the same condition as at the time it was taken over, less wear and tear. Any personal belongings of the owner and keys must be returned.  Proof of rent and bills settlement must also be presented to the Landlord prior deposit refund.  

  Should you require clarifications or further explanations on the above, feel free to contact Foytina's staff. 


The 'Foytina.Com' Team