Foytina's Profile

Foytina's Profile


   Foytina Real Estate Agency is a Cyprus registered & licensed property agency (Reg.No:628 / Lic.No:332/E). Having offices in Pissouri, Paralimni and Paphos, it deals with sales, resales, long term rentals, exchanges and land granting of properties allover the island of Cyprus.

   Foytina, can help you with disposing or finding the right property for your tastes across Cyprus. Villas, townhouses, apartments, commercial properties, land and building plots, offices, retail uses and of course seaside properties along the shore of Cyprus; also, exclusive gated properties such as golf and marina houses.

   Should you seek for something bigger and more exclusive? Foytina can help you with finding hotels, thematic parks, resorts, commercial parks and other properties in Cyprus to invest on.

   Foytina is becoming the leader property agency in Cyprus. For more information, feel free to call us or email us on ; Our website provides a wide range of properties being available on the Cyprus Market; please browse around at your own convenience or drop us your request on our email address.

   Happy dealing !


Foytina's Team 



   Foytina Real Estate Agency is comprised of a team of enthusiastic and experienced people residing in Cyprus. 

   Foytina has business activities all over the unoccupied part of the island of Cyprus. This gives Foytina the advantage of easily accessing properties whilst knowing a

nd understanding the micro-Market of each area very well. We are also physically on hand to meet and help people for resolving any issues on the spot whenever requested or required.  Each person of Foytina'a team has deep knolwedge of the Market, the amenities, the infrastructure and of course the local community and social life of the area he/she covers! Needless to mention about the high knowledge of the property law, the procedures and the key-persons network for assuring the interest of all of our clients. 

   By taking the advantage of the power of internet and similar means, our aim is to change the way people and business deal in this industry by introducing new and innovative on line and speedy means. At, we are constantly developing an online property database to meet the knowledge and demands of of every client.  We have a network of colleagues related to this industry working with us so as to enhance this real estate niche and provide a more holistic approach to boost deals.

   It’s our pleasure to ensure that everyone, both property owners and property seekers, will have a great experience and benefit from our services.

   For any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us; we will be happy to help! undefined

Overview of Foytina

   Foytina is the trademark of a private company founded in August 2007 in Cyprus. As a limited liability company, it began as an advertising services provider addressed to real property owners, taking the advantage of the power of internet and similar means. It has since then been evolving steadily and progressively ending to be nowadays a fully registered & licensed real estate agency under the Cyprus Law (Registration No.: 628, License No.: 332/E).



   As a legal entity, Foytina Real Estate Agency is owned and managed by Mr. Kyriakos Foutas, a registered & licensed real estate agent (Registration No.: 612, License No.: 332).  Non-registered Estate Agencies or persons that mediate as realtors are completely illegal and any mediation of them on any properties is declared as illicit from the Cyprus' Law.  'Pirates' -possibly even their customers- will be accused for criminal actions and prosecuted according to the legal framework of Cyprus.



Foytina's Experience

   Our experience in Cyprus real properties industry has enable us in such a grade that we can treat you as partners and assist you in making the right decisions, avoiding any pitfalls.  We also work together with third party professionals in order to get the optimum result in every deal we are involved!  Our associates' list includes architects, civil engineers, land surveyors, constructors, quantity surveyors, estate agents, property valuers, environmental engineers etc. 

Apart from helping you listing or searching and finding any property type that meets your requirements, we can also help you with:


- Property Planning & Design

- Property Construction & Time Scheduling 

- Property Management

- Project Economic Feasibility Study

- Project Viability Study

- Project Environmental Impact Study

- Property Advertising etc


   Foytina's aim is to change the way people and business deal in real estate, find and access relative information and make their property transactions (sales, purchases, rentals and exchanges). Starting with its comprehensive online listings database and other handy-tools whilst retaining a strong and real network of offices and colleagues, Foytina offers a broad and deep array of communication and commerce for every real estate client.


Mission & Values of Foytina

   Foytina can be described as one of the fastest growing and leading real estate agency in Cyprus, offering a comprehensive 24/7 web-based database of properties for potential clients around the globe. Serving peoples most essential needs in the real estate industry, Foytina remains focused in becoming increasingly essential to the lives of 'real property consumers'. It is part of its ongoing commitment to enhance peoples ability to trade properties in Cyprus and beyond.



   Foytina offers tools of communication which make clients' searching a piece of cake particularly via its' website (, one of the company's most powerful advertising means; Foytina also holds a network of experienced colleagues and real offices, enabling this way in-person meetings with any client interested in our services.  People working for Foytina are always available through the most advanced means and in-person meeting to assist you with your property requests. You can find more about our contact details in the respective section.

Foytina’s mission is to revolutionize the way people and businesses deal in real estate!

Foytina’s professionalism in combination with the speedy actions undertaken have made it one of the best known Real Estate Agencies even outside Cyprus and that can be proved with the numerous satisfied clients we served in the past few years. As a business, Foytina generates revenue by providing to anyone dealing with the real estate industry the opportunity to have their properties traded out at the most competitive cost-effective rates. Thousands of private sellers, landlords, property developers, hotel managers, caretakers, estate agents, tour operators etc can use our mediation services for promoting their properties and businesses on the web with targeted and definite advertising.


The Future of Foytina


   Foytina will always deliver more than expected! Foytina does not accept ‘being the best’ as an endpoint, but as a starting point. Through innovation and excellence resulting from study and experimentation and putting into force modern, advanced and powerful technological tools and means that internet provides, Foytina will transform the traditional cumbersome real estate advertising environment into a fast-track and effective real time platform for dealing properties.

Offering personalized solutions, customized to integrate clients’ needs, Foytina will continue to offer services and tools far beyond online typical search. Foytina’s services, programs and tools will keep generating greater customer acquisition and retention, extended brand value and increased sales.

We promise to make every effort in providing the information and property specification you need to know so as to enable you to deal the right property and at the optimum time and value. 

So, if you think we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The 'Foytina.Com' Team