Viewing Of Properties

Viewing Of Properties In Cyprus By Foytina


   Foytina suggests that you physically visit and see the properties being on your shortlist with your own eyes! Surely it will help you to decide which one to go for whilst clarifying any matters that cannot be seen on pictures, videos or explained by words. Booking your property viewings with Foytina should be your priority when looking to buy property in Cyprus.




   If you are not already living in Cyprus, Foytina Real Estate Agncy advice you to make inquiries whether you will need a visa to enter Cyprus.  Nationals of the countries that have no agreement with Cyprus on visa-free travel shall apply (either on their own or through a tour operator) to the consular department of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in their country to obtain a visa. You could also visit Cyprus by a Schengen single-entry or multiple-entry visa. If you are a European Citizen, then no visa is required. 


Accommodation Reservation


   Foytina can assist you in reserving a hotel in Cyprus at our internal corporate rates or even a self-catering villa/apartment if you prefer. We do collaborate with various hotels and villa ownes around the island in order to secure that you are in comfort and relax. 


Property Viewings with Foytina's agent 


   If you are already established in Cyprus, Foytina suggests that you meet with the agent corresponding to the property you wish to view at the respective Foytina office. Alternatively, the agent can collect you from your house or hotel, whatever is more convenient for you. Same can be the case if you are flying into Cyprus!

   It is preferred that the agent of Foytina shall be driving you in order to enable him to get to tour you around, answer your questions and generally communicate with you directly.  In the course of communication your requirements towards property will become more specific and will be more thoroughly discussed and opinions will be exchanged.

   Foytina's agent will show you the properties already being on your shorlist and any other that might have come up which meets your requirements. As a result of property viewings, you will meet up again with Foytina's agent in order to summarize the impressions of the visits and outline a plan of further activities.

   Surely you might happen to find the property you have long dreamed of at the pages of our website. Then it would come to nothing more than viewing that property.  Anyway, once you feel and say 'This is the one! I want it!', Foytina's agent shall organise the very next steps ahead to conclude the deal. 

   During the walk-through to a property, you should be taking notes and pictures for a later consideration when doing your homework as the more properties you view, the more are the chances of getting confused or forgetting basic details and features of a property. Properties which you reject for some reason, should be immediately taken off your shortlist; properties which highly touch your interest must be highlighted and a second viewing must be arranged before Foytina's agent returns you back to your hotel; if you however feel ready enough, you must place your -reasonable- offer to deal the property and instruct your Foytina agent to get you an answer within 24 hours!!!   


The 'Foytina.Com' Team