Legal Services

Legal Services




   Foytina can help you over a big range of legal services related directly or indirectly to your Cyprus Real Properties portfolio. Those are available either separately or in combination so as to suit precisely your particular needs. They fall into the areas of the categories as below analysed.


Legal Advice

   Although the expert agents of Foytina can get to explain you the legalities and the system of any property aspect in Cyprus, we cannot claim to be advocates. Acting as a property owner or as a property seeker, a legal advice is most of the times necessary to cover your backs from any pitfalls.   Foytina Real Estate Agency is working with the most expert lawyers allover Cyprus specialized in the Cyprus Real Property Law which can help you get your job done properly, secured and affordable !


   Legal services mainly pertaining to the real properties in Cyprus can be classified as below:

1) Legal rights on property matters

2) Development of Contracts

3) Property check-up for any encumbrances

4) Development of Power of Attorney (PofA)

5) Arrangement of payments and Escrowing

6) Property Conveyance 

7) Opening of Bank Accounts etc


   Other legal services in Cyprus can be classified as:

foytina_cyprus_company_registration _and_formation

1) Establishment and management of Legal Entities / Corporations / Trusts 

2) Legal claims

3) Litigations 

4) Family & Rights Affairs

5) Immigration Affairs etc


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