Finding Property In Cyprus

Finding Property In Cyprus By Foytina


   Wondering how you can find a property in Cyprus? You should not! Simply engage the FREE services of Foytina Real Estate Agency! Foytina offers thousands of real properties allover Cyprus, for any budget and of any property type! In case we dont have it, we shall find it! Towards this, Foytina offers several methods for helping buyers to find a property. Take a look on them further below and choose which ever fits you most:


Method 1: Online Property Search Engine


   There is a search engine integrated on our website for our listed properties. All you have to do is to click on the 'Search' menu of the website and then fill in the form with the appropriate features; then press the 'Search' button on the lower part of the form. Properties that match the features booked will be displayed; by clicking on the 'Details' button, you shall be transferred to the property's details page where all details of the property can be found. For arranging a viewing of a property or wishing to place an offer, you must fill in the respective form on the lower part of this page and press 'Send'. Foytina's agent that manage the particulal property shall contact you back shortly for arranging a viewing or any other actions. 


Method 2: Online Property Request Form 


   Alternative to the 'Search Engine', Foytina has developed and integrated on the website a special link, being actually a form for requesting a property from Foytina Real Estate Agency in case the 'Search Engine' shows zero results during a search.  Follow the 'Request' menu on the website and fill in the respective form prior clicking on the 'Send' button lower below. Your request will be recorded on Foytina's system and as soon as property is added to the website you shall be notified for this. Foytina simplifies property finding and transactions. 


Method 3: Property Request by Email, Phone or In-Person


   Other methods requesting property from Foytina that combine more traditional ways of communication, engage the email, telephone and the personal contact! Whichever of the three ways you choose, you shall be requested to answer to Foytina's agents the following questions in order to enable them to take your request to the next step:

  • - What is the approximate budget allocated for your investment?
  • - Are the funds available or a loan approval or chain-deal is required?
  • - What is the time-frame set for realising  your purchase?
  • - Which geographical areas of Cyprus are preferred?
  • - What is the property type sought? 
  • - What are 'must-have' features of the sought property?
  • - Which is the main reason of this investment?
  • - If there is and how much the ROI of the sought investment.
  • - What are the minimum requirements the property must have?


Method 4: Property Request by 'Suggestion'


   Foytina has developed a fourth method of property finding which works by simply having the buyer pointing out the property which he wishes to buy! This can be done by shooting a picture of the property and demonstrating it (physically or digitally) to Foytina's agent or by directly visiting the property of interest!

Foytina always allows flexibility on all aspects of the real estate transactions!      


The 'Foytina.Com' Team