FOR SALE Apartment 85 m2 in Pissouri, Limassol ( 99.000 )

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ROI (estimated) 6.1%

Apartment 85 m2 in Pissouri, Limassol ( 99.000 )

A beautiful Two (2) Bedroom single level apartment built on the highest built up area of Pissouri, a coastal area of Cyprus. 

Located about 1 km from the center of the village and within 10 minutes walking distance to all amenities, this property was built in 2005 as a block of apartments from one of the most reputable property developers and constructors of Cyprus, Cybarco Ltd.

The building was originally built as an open plan kitchen-sitting room area, which is now being partitioned by a timber made cupboard. The kitchen which overlooks to the car park of the project is equipped with the major items required to facilitate it to the maximum for the household. The dining area, being just off the kitchen, leads to the lounge which in its turn continuously leads onto the East end of the unit where a huge balcony with stunning panoramic sea and sun-rise views spanning literally 35 Km away, are fully enjoyed under full privacy ! 

The two (2) bedrooms of the unit are connected with the rest of the building with a short corridor where the entrance of the bathroom is found. Both bedrooms are enjoying built in wardrobes and views to the sea directly from the side openings of the rooms! One bedroom comes with a double bed and the other one with two single ones. All rooms of the building come with installed air-conditioning split units that blow cool and warm air, for cold winter day or hot summer nights! 

Furthermore, the apartment has the facility of a large communal pool managed by an in house committee achieving the highest maintenance standards as well as a designated car parking exactly in front of the main entrance to the unit.

Distance wise, the property is located 3.5 km from the sea, 1 km from the town center, 1 km from the bank, 25 km from the airport, 10 km from golf course, 1.2 km from bus station, 33 km from the harbor, 1 km from the market, 12 km from school, 1 km from church.

For avoiding inconvenience, please use the following reference number when contacting us referring to the above property: Listing No = 1654. You can also use that to search for the property at the website

Foytina Real Estate Agency operates an office in Pissouri, being the firms headquarters. Covering an extensive area between the eastern areas of the City of Paphos and the western parts of the city of Limassol whilst spanning from the seafront towards Troodos area, it lists a wide range of properties throughout that region and beyond. Coastal properties, golf houses, hotels, cottages, apartments, farmhouses and land of all sizes and values. A contact with us will convince you of our swift and knowledgeable services combined to the deep knowledge we have on the sector.

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Pissouri - Wikipedia

Pissouri has an annual rainfall in the order of 447 millimetres. Local products nowadays are tabled grapes, wine, potatoes and other citrus fruits in smaller quantities planted across the valley spanning from the gulf to the hill, where the settlement is. There are also many olive, carob and almond trees.