FOR SALE 2-bedroom Maisonette (middle) 90 m2 in Pissouri, Limassol ( 139.000 )

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ROI (estimated) 4.6%

FOR SALE 2-bedroom Maisonette (middle) 90 m2 in Pissouri, Limassol ( 139.000 )

A unique and exceptionally beautiful & well kept 2-bed single level apartment located on the highest residential part of Pissouri.

The dwelling,  classified as a disable friendly unit, sits in the most successful region of Pissouri territory from all points of view! Primarily, its enjoys the most of the views a residential property can enjoy in Pissouri spanning from Troodos snowed peaks, then overlooking the sunrise and the sea whilst the spectrum of the view continues at a range of around 270 degrees, where sun sets; all of that view is and will remain unobstructed !! Woww !!!

Boasting a private on site car parking with its own gate, the property is built a bit elevated from the car parking and takes the advantage of better views and privacy as it cannot be overlooked by any other units of it vicinity, not even when sitting on the front veranda !    The unit comes with a spacious & separate fully equipped kitchen, a huge sitting and dining area, a fully functional toilet with standing shower and two very big bedrooms.   


Other features that the property enjoy, include: TV, Fridge, Freezer, Washing Machine, Toaster, Microwave, Cooking Oven, Gas Hobs, Iron / Ironing Board, Kettle.

Distance wise, the property is located 3 km from the sea, 800 meters from the town center, 800 meters from the bank, 25 km from the airport, 17 km from golf course, 500 meters from bus station, 30 km from the harbor, 800 meters from the market, 400 meters from school, 800 meters from church.

The asking price is negotiable.

For avoiding inconvenience, please use the following reference number when contacting us referring to the above property: Listing No = 1462. You can also use that to search for the property at the website

Foytina Real Estate Agency operates an office in Pissouri, being the firms headquarters. Covering an extensive area between the eastern areas of the City of Paphos and the western parts of the city of Limassol whilst spanning from the seafront towards Troodos area, it lists a wide range of properties throughout that region and beyond. Coastal properties, golf houses, hotels, cottages, apartments, farmhouses and land of all sizes and values. A contact with us will convince you of our swift and knowledgeable services combined to the deep knowledge we have on the sector.

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Pissouri - Wikipedia

Pissouri has an annual rainfall in the order of 447 millimetres. Local products nowadays are tabled grapes, wine, potatoes and other citrus fruits in smaller quantities planted across the valley spanning from the gulf to the hill, where the settlement is. There are also many olive, carob and almond trees.