FOR SALE Detached Villa 360 m2 in Pissouri, Limassol ( 1.199.000 )

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ROI (estimated) 3.7%

Detached Villa 360 m2 in Pissouri, Limassol ( 1.199.000 )

Only by Foytina ! There are no words to describe this house in Pissouri! A unique, magnificent villa with four spacious bedrooms and five bathrooms, located in the MOST PRIME & BREATHTAKING LOCATION of Cyprus!!! This is the outcome when location and majesty blend together! No other location across Cyprus can be compared to this one which enjoys unobstructed sea views towards the blue flag beach of Pissouri. A spacious building with an overflow heated infinity private swimming pool, a pleasant outdoor area with lawn, huge balconies that make you feel like you are sitting in a plane and so many more!

Foytina Real Estate Agency operates an office in Pissouri, being the firms headquarters. Covering an extensive area between the eastern areas of the City of Paphos and the western parts of the city of Limassol whilst spanning from the seafront towards Troodos area, it lists a wide range of properties throughout that region and beyond. Coastal properties, golf houses, hotels, cottages, apartments, farmhouses and land of all sizes and values. A contact with us will convince you of our swift and knowledgeable services combined to the deep knowledge we have on the sector.

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Foytina Real Estate Agency
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  • Apostolou Andrea 11, Pissouri, Limassol, Cyprus (PoBox: 59201, Post Code: 4607)

Pissouri - Wikipedia

Pissouri has an annual rainfall in the order of 447 millimetres. Local products nowadays are tabled grapes, wine, potatoes and other citrus fruits in smaller quantities planted across the valley spanning from the gulf to the hill, where the settlement is. There are also many olive, carob and almond trees.