FOR SALE 3-bedroom Village House 125 m2 in Pachna, Limassol ( 160.000 )

FOR SALE 3-bedroom Village House 125 m2 in Pachna, Limassol ( 160.000 )

Fully double glazed and insulated, renovated stone village house situated on quiet single lane cul-de-sac within easy walking distance of supermarkets and tavernas, coffee shops and a DIY store. The house has been completely renovated boasting the best of the old and new with a contemporary interior mixed with original features. All doors and windows have been replaced with individually hand made wooden double glazed units replicating the original house style.
Foytina Real Estate Agency operates an office in Pissouri, being the firms headquarters. Covering an extensive area between the eastern areas of the City of Paphos and the western parts of the city of Limassol whilst spanning from the seafront towards Troodos area, it lists a wide range of properties throughout that region and beyond. Coastal properties, golf houses, hotels, cottages, apartments, farmhouses and land of all sizes and values. A contact with us will convince you of our swift and knowledgeable services combined to the deep knowledge we have on the sector.

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Pachna - Wikipedia

The village has two main churches, St George (Ayios Yeorgios) and St Paul (Apostolos Pavlos). The first primary school was established in 1855 and moved to its current location in 1938. Most of these older buildings (and many houses) are built in the local Pachna stone which has its own unique chalky yellow character.