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Property Typology


Foytina Real Estate Agency has developed for you an easy guide for helping you to distinguish the property kinds and types which named Property Typology. 


Please read throughout this Guide before using the 'Property Search Engine'

  • Real Property Typology (Table)

  • General

  • Property Kinds

  • Property Types



This Guide, is to be used as an Indicative Manual (IM) and help you to make the right choice of the property you are looking for.  The IM analyses the properties in correlation with their form, use, design, size and even the location.

As the need to clarify the terminology being used in the Property Market was raised, the Property Kinds and Types clarification came to be the very first thing that needs to be explained to our clients.  Given the chance, we developed this little Guide, for both ours' and the clients' convenience. We trust that you will find the IM interesting and helpful. Please read throughout the whole Guide before you use our 'Property Search Engine' to search for the property that matches your preferences.



Property Kinds

Referring to Real Properties (Immovable Properties), we begun by categorising them in 'Kinds'. We developed three Kinds of Real Properties. Those are classified as below:

A) Property that only has to do with Land; thus un-built sites.

B) Property that has to do with both Land and Buildings erected on top of the land; this category refers mainly to the Buildings' Type.

C) Property that has to do with either the Location or the Use of the Building.



Property Types

The very next step, was to subcategorise the Real Property Kinds into Types. The Types we came up with are as follows:

A1) Land that is mainly totally untouched from the human activities or any development; it is mainly used for agricultural purposes, is not surrounded by registered or constructed roads, its' boundaries are mainly formed by physical elements whereas its' size has a wide range.  This type of Land is normally named Parcel

A2) Land that is mainly allocated for development on it, it adjoins with registered and/or constructed roads (asphalt, pavements, cables for electricity and telecommunication have been placed, water and sewage pipes have been installed).  This land is normally designated for uses other than agricultural / farming whereas the size of them follow a specific range according to the planning zone it has been designated.  This type of Land is called 'Plot' or 'Building Plot'.  Plots' shape mainly reminds a geometrical oblong rectangle which is a result of the human activity.  Their shape, size and depth affect radically the afterwards developed 'Built Environment' of an area and its' given character.


A building which is Detached or Semi-Detached is called by definition Villa (many people tend to use this term only for Detached buildings).  Villas have been sub-divided into 3 types:

B1) A detached building, built only on one level, accommodating only one dwelling is called Bungalow

B2) A detached building, built on two or more levels, accommodating only one dwelling is called Maisonette

B3) A Semi-detached building regardless the number of its' floors is called Semi-Detached. Such a building has only two in number dwellings with the one attached to the other by sharing a vertical wall.


Apart from the Villas, there are others types of buildings. Their common feature derives from the fact that (as buildings) they can accommodate more than three (3) dwellings. Those are:

B4) Townhouse: usually named as Terraced House or Rowhouse. These buildings accommodate three (3) at least dwellings in sequence by sharing a vertical wall, regardless the number of levels they are built on. These can be sub-categorised in Mid-Terraced and End-Terraced according to their position in relation to the whole building.

B5) Apartment: often named as flat. An apartment is a dwelling built in a multi-unit building. The building is either detached or attached to other buildings. Sometimes all of the dwellings share the main entrance of the building, whereas some other times they have their own entrance because the ground's morphology is ideal for such a design. An apartment is normally built on a single level in contrast with a townhouse. Furthermore, an apartment's owner shares the ownership of the land the building seats on and/or the rights deriving from the communal spaces built allocated to the Apartments' Block. These could be a swimming pool, a yard, a patio, an elevator, a stair-case etc.

B6) An apartment built on the top floor of an apartment's block or a multi-storey building is named as Penthouse. A penthouse occupies -most of the times- the whole coverage of the top floor.

B7) An 'all in one' room is called Studio Flat. Studio flats are single-room apartments with no separated bedrooms, kitchen, dining room etc but they are still completely autonomous units. Such dwellings can be found on every type of buildings, even villas where they are mainly used as accommodation places for guests.

B8) Apartments' Block: is defined as a multi-unit building, either attached or detached to other buildings, with more than two (2) dwellings built in it, provided that the one is on top of the other rather than on the side of the other. A skyscraper is an ideal example. Sometimes all of the dwellings share the main entrance of the building, whereas some other times they have their own entrance because the ground's morphology is ideal for such a design.


Properties can also be classified following their primary usage regardless the building type. Those are demonstrated below:

C1) A Village House is defined as a dwelling located in the old core of a village rather than the outskirts of a settlement, a suburb or a town/city. It could be either a detached, semi-detached or even an apartment style dwelling. The main features of a Village House are the building materials, their shapeless plots and their vernacular architecture.

C2) A Golf / Marina  Property is defined as a property which is located in the area where a Golf Course is constructed. It could be either a detached, semi-detached or even an apartment type dwelling. It could also be a plot or parcel, known as golf plot. These sort of properties are really exclusive and more expensive, reminding the so called 'Gated Communities'.

C3) A Lodging / Holiday Place is described as a dwelling, regardless its' building type, which is available for short term accommodation. The 'short-term' is considered as a period of up to thirty (30) days. These dwellings are self catering, fully furnished and operable and are ideal mainly for tourists, visitors, business people etc.

C4) A Commercial / Offices Building is considered as a building where trade/retail activities take place or are used as offices for administration of enterprises etc. Those can be described as Restaurants, Kiosks, Press Shops, Computers' Shops, Architectural Offices, Shipping Administration offices etc. In this category, the type of the building is not that considerable as its' usage.

Considering all the above descriptions, you can easily perceive that the categorisation of real property could be much more extensive. We believe that those cited are the most useful for our clients and can easily guide them to search for the most appropriate property according to their personal preferences.


The 'Foytina.Com' Team


Foytina is a registered & licensed real estate agency (Reg.No:628 / Lic.No:332/E)