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Foytina is a registered & licensed real estate agency (Reg.No:628 / Lic.No:332/E)

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As we do not only sell real properties, we thought to write a couple of words about Properties we list for rental purposes.  Any property can be rented out for various purposes and can be used always in line with the locations' Development's Plan (Land Use). Those can mainly be for residential or commercial purposes.

These sort of properties are distinguished from us into two (2) categories: a) Long Term Rentals and b) Short Term Rentals. Short term rentals are defined as properties that can be rented out for a period of less than thirty (30) days whereas a 'Long Term' ones can be rented out for a longer period, mainly from six (6) months up to two (2) years.


Long Term Rentals

Long term rentals are properties that can be mainly used as homes, shops, retail uses, offices, cafes and other special uses. For example, a person that has not his own house and is employed for a couple of years in Cyprus, should seek for a Long term rental property to take over.

Properties that are rented out for long term are subject to contract (Tenancy Agreement or Right of Usage),  hence you have to be careful of what you are signing of and for how long. Any measures can be taken from both parties to claim compensation if one of the two sides does not comply with the terms of the agreed contract.

The rental amount of such properties remains the same for the first few years and then gets increased annually or biannually at a rate agreed between the parties.  Upon signing the Agreement, the Tenant shall have to pay to the Landlord two (2) at least Rental amounts; one to be considered as the 'Deposit' for the Landlord and one to be used as the first month rental payment. Depending on the size and usage of the property,  the Deposit amount required by the Landlord could be much higher. Note that its pretty common in such deals that a certain period of the tenure might have to be paid in advance before Tenant takes possession or alternatively a bank guarantee might be engaged in order to secure the income of the Landlord, hence mitigating any risk for his financial interest.  It's normal that the Rental is paid in advance for each month.

Foytina Real Estate Agency is in position to help you to find the right property required to  meet your preferences and/or for your business standards. If you are a Landlord, we can advertise your property to tons of potential clients we have, ensuring that you shall soon come to a deal and have your property delivering income to you.


Please use our 'Property Search Engine' to search for Long Term Rentals by choosing 'Rent' on the upper part of the search window. Then Choose the listing type and any other features you wish the property to have.

You can refine the results and choose special filters for better results.

Notice: The website might be out of date, so please better contact us for checking availability and latest asking price of the preffered properties.


Short Term Rentals (Holiday Places)

Holiday Places are properties that are available for a period of less than thirty (30) days and are usually rented out to people that visit the place for family self catering vacations.

These properties are also subject to terms for making use of them. The asking price / rates of them are set by day or week and apply normally for the use of the whole dwelling rather than per person charge.  Holiday Places are normally self catering, fully operable and functional to the level like it has been always been lived in.  Cleaning and pool maintenance is normally included in the price as well.  The Rates of them are affected from the period undertaken, the location, the property type, the facilities and comforts it has, the view, the privacy, the proximity to various external services etc. Electicity bill of such properties remain a big issue as there is no concrete way to limit the consumption of it, so an extra Deposit amount might be required to cover the use of it or part of the deal might be the consumption of it to be paid fully by the Tenant as extra (pay as you go model).

Generally speaking, the Terms & Conditions governing those properties might vary a lot from property to property, so better each time inquire for those. We can help you in finding the right holiday propety for you and your family; please inquire for this with us on info@foytina.com


The 'Foytina.Com' Team

Foytina is a registered & licensed real estate agency (Reg.No:628 / Lic.No:332/E)