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Foytina is a registered & licensed real estate agency (Reg.No:628 / Lic.No:332/E)

For Rent Commission Based Listing


What is Commission Based Listing ?

Commission Based Listing, is a listing option allowing owner to set percentage-wise how much he will pay the agent upon a successful sale of the property.  This is actually the most common way real estate deals are made. No upfront payment is needed! 

How much it cost ?

If for example, a property is listed for an advertising price of 800 Euros/month for an annual contract and the deal price is 750 Euros/month whereas the agreed percentage of commission is 8,33%, then the owner shall pay to the agent the sum of 750 Euros, meaning that owner shall end with 8250 Euros over the period of 1 year, less any liabilities payable by the owner. 

How does it work & who does the listing ?

When getting the property listed, owner actually agrees for a percentage to be paid to the agent -then sort any other liabilities- as commission. The agreed percentage is calculated on the deal price of the property. 

Listing actions will be taken according to the plan chosen above, 'Self-Listed' or 'By Foytina'.  Listing actions are defined as the actions taken for collecting description and photos of the property, before the promotion of it begins. Such actions include visits to the property, capture of pictures, development of description, list of features checking, collection of documents related to the property and the owners. If owner chooses the 'Self-Listed' Option, then all of that information/material gathered must be emailed to Foytina on The uploading of all of that material on the website is done by Foytina employees. 


What about the requests ? 

Any requests by prospective clients shall be managed  by Foytina.  A property will be considered as being fully available from the listing date onward or any other agreed date; any changes affecting its' availability, must be communicated to Foytina timely.  Any offers made towards a property shall be communicated to the owner for decision making before Foytina takes any other actions. 


General Listing Notes

1)  VAT to be added to the above percentages

2)  'Self-Listed' means that owner must email to Foytina all material required for the listing

3)  Plans other than the above might apply for owners with many properties

4)  'Listed By Foytina' apply for listings in Pissouri and for its' adjacent villages for any property type.

5)  In case a deal is reached without written listing mandate, Foytina shall be entitled of 7% & VAT

6)  Termination Notice of 30 days is required for unlisting/deactivation

7)  Foytina reserves the right to ask owners to serve Foytina with any listing material required

8)  Foytina reserves the right to choose which properties to list

9)  Above plans might change without notice; the signed listing mandate terms shall prevail


What Information is needed by Foytina ?

(Please note that the beneath information can be served to Foytina by your lawyer/architect)


1) Full names and contact details of owners and the keyholder/caretaker

2) Copy of owners Passports or IDs

3) The address of the property plus a copy of any utility bill proofing the property's address

4) A general layout of the project -if property is part of a project/estate-

5) Photographs of the property and the view it enjoys

6) Duly filled and signed listing mandate addressed to Foytina Real Estate Agency


The 'Foytina.Com' Team 

Foytina is a registered & licensed real estate agency (Reg.No:628 / Lic.No:332/E)